古来より日本人が愛でてきた “ 鋸目(のこめ)” や“ 畳目(たたみめ)” などの細かく筋状に並んだ凹凸や陰影。
精密機械部品の加工に携わる私たちだからこそできる「金属の切削・研削目の美しさ」にこだわり、 魅力ある素材感をもった製品をお届けしていきたいと思います。

“The Beauty of Machine Surface Finishes” Japan has longadmired the roughness and shading of fine grain surface textures such as “Nokome” (sawed texture) and “Tatamime” (texture resembling Japanese straw floor mats).
We are proud to offer products that showcase beautiful metallic textures, and feature quality only possible with our precision manufacturing and a commitment to ” the majesty of metal surface finishes”.


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